Our job: To help you come work with us on our common challenges. Our commitment is ancient: France has always been a leader in the advancement of human rights and has left its mark in our common history. Our new challenge? Climate change.

France is a driving force of science and technology in Europe, strongly involved in the H2020 program. France‘s laboratories are particularly active and among the world leaders in several scientific domains: non-exhaustive examples include a leading position in climate modeling intercomparison exercises, earth observation as part of the ESA, advanced solar photovoltaics, and breakthrough energy storage solutions.
In December 2015, France hosted the first universal international agreement aiming to keep global warming well below 2 °C.
France is becoming an innovative hub of science, technology and progress.
You may know our research hubs, such as La Sorbonne or Paris-Saclay. These are the places you have to come work in to develop new initiatives for our planet.

Faced with the climatic skepticism of the new government of the United States, President Emmanuel Macron invited American scientists to come work in France.
As a candidate and then as the President of France, he invited every responsible citizen to come to France in order to Make Our Planet Great Again.

That’s why we launched this website for you.

What is it ?
It is a concrete tool to enable and facilitate the arrival of every committed citizen. Here you can find all the answers to the questions you have about how to complete your project. It is produced and managed by Business France.

Who is Business France?
Business France has 92 offices throughout the world. It contributes to the development and success of French and foreign businesses.